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Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance costs less than repair.  Our Level 1, 2 and 3 Maintenance Program includes detailed inspections designed to help you budget your vehicles maintenance needs and prevent many costly breakdowns.


Check engine light on? Vehicle running rough? Other hazard lights on in the dash?  Our up to date diagnostic equipment and trained technicians with decades of experience, will diagnose your concern, provide a detailed estimate and let you know how urgently the repair is needed.

Air Conditioning

A/C not cold enough or not working at all?  Our licensed A/C technician will inspect, test and repair your A/C system, using proper environmentally friendly procedures, so you can drive in comfort during the hot summer months.

Wheel Alignment

Driving on Canadian roads means potholes and rough rides.  One pothole can affect your alignment which affects your vehicles handling and prematurely wears your tires.  Our Visualiner 3D 4 wheel alignment will save your tires and ensure your vehicle handles like it should.

Annual Safety Inspections

We are a government approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station.  We will complete your Provincial Safety required for a change of ownership or an Annual Safety required for commercial trucks or trailers.

Battery & Electrical

We test your battery every time your vehicle comes in for a service. We also do a more complete starting system AVR test when required.  We can predict when it is time to replace your battery or other electrical component, before it fails, so your vehicle does not leave you stranded.

Steering and Suspension

We recommend a regular inspection of your steering and suspension parts every 6 months to maintain the safety of your vehicle.  This inspection is included in our Level 2 and 3 Maintenance.


A brake inspections is included in our Level 2 and 3 Maintenance.  We also offer a Major Brake Service to thoroughly clean, service and adjust your brakes to extend the life of your brake parts. This is recommended due to  our harsh Canadian climate and the use of salt on our roads.


We do transmission, differential, transfer case, clutch and all other drivetrain repairs and maintenance on all makes and models of passenger vehicles and light trucks. This includes 1 ton trucks and vans as well as larger RVs (motorhomes).

Tire Sales and Service

We sell passenger and light truck tires as well as performance and racing tires with access to most major brands and more economical tires. Watch for tire rebates on seasonal and winter tires every year. We also repair, mount and balance tires.

Fleet Service

Downtime on your fleet mean a loss of revenue. We recognize your need to minimize your downtime. We offer regular inspections and maintenance to catch repairs before they become a breakdown and get your fleet truck back on the road as quickly as possible so you can get back to your business.

RV Services

We do mechanical and appliance maintenance and repair on RVs including motorhomes and trailers. Drivetrain, brakes, tires and safeties, along with seasonal maintenance (winterizing). We can also arrange emission tests for the larger diesel engines.

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